P Chidambaram knows better how black money surfaced: Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi: Taking on P Chidambaram over his comments on the impact of dark cash in the RK Nagar by-surveys, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday charged that dark cash surfaced amid the previous UPA administration while requesting a clarification from the previous back clergyman on the same.

“Notwithstanding our endeavors, if things occurred there, the clarification must be given by the gatherings who circulated cash there,” he included.

Reacting to the restriction parties` affirmations that the Center is `misusing` government offices like the Income Tax Department for their ulterior thought processes, Naidu stated, “What abuse? These divisions have been doing their employment persistently, they ought to be saluted.

“Naidu`s comments came in light of Chidambaram`s tweet wherein he asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi if his demonetisation drive accomplished sought outcomes, hours after the survey body drop the April 12 by-surveys.

“We were advised demonetisation has put a conclusion to dark cash. Was cash appropriated in R K NAGAR white cash (sic), he said.

On Sunday, the survey board crossed out the by-surveys in R K Nagar voting demographic after money for-votes charges surfaced.The choice came after the Income Tax attacks in Chennai found that cash was appropriated to the voters.

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