Tardeo resident tricked at ATM, loses Rs 2,000 note

Mumbai: A second-hand car dealer who allegedly tricked a Tardeo resident and walked away with a new currency note of Rs2,000 at a ATM at Nagpada was arrested on Sunday. Sarfaraz Khan (35), a resident of Kalapani in Agripada, was booked for cheating and remanded to police custody.

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Police said a resident of Navjivan Co-operative Housing Society on Saturday went to a nearby ATM and stood in a queue to withdraw Rs2,000. He told police that he saw the accused near the ATM. When his turn came, he inserted his debit card and typed his PIN, but he did not get money. “Immediately, Khan said he wanted to withdraw money, and intervened, pressed a few keys, and got a new Rs2,000 note. But the complainant got a text alert that he had withdrawn Rs2,000,” said a police officer.

He immediately ran after Khan, who with the help of other people, caught him and handed him over to the police. Police said they are finding out if it was done by mistake or Khan had tricked him, and if he had tricked other people too.


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