The Beautiful Complexity of the Cosmic Web

Scientists first discovered the so-called “cosmic web” less than a decade ago. Since then, various questions have lingered, perhaps foremost among them: What does the cosmic web look like? A new visualization by Kim Albrecht at the Center for Complex Network Research helps to address this intriguing mystery.

But first, let’s back up: What exactly is the cosmic web? In short, it is the vast network formed by all of the galaxies in the Universe and the web-like strands linking them together. Composed of invisible hydrogen gas filaments, these intergalactic connections make up the majority of ordinary matter in the Universe, and trace the distribution of dark matter as well.

To observe these cosmic threads directly is challenging, to say the least. Astrophysicists have managed to image enough pieces of the cosmic web that predicted models of its structure seem sufficiently reliable. Last year, the researchers behind the Illustris project used these models to construct a 2D simulation of the cosmic web, visualizing key data such as gas density, temperature, and velocityCandid Photographer In Lucknow , Candid Photographer In Kanpur

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